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Top 10 Real Estate Analytics Solution Companies - 2021

Over the past few years, PropTech has witnessed significant growth. Digitalization has taken the real estate industry by storm. Real estate brokers are turning to data-based technologies because of the multi-faceted benefits they bring to the table. Real estate data analytics is playing a pivotal role in empowering realtors to automate processes, optimize sales, and improve customer engagement.

Realtors deal with an enormous amount of data on a regular basis. Machine learning algorithms have made it easier to aggregate and interpret these distributed sources of data. Before preparing the data for analysis, technology solutions automate data collection by accessing application programming interfaces (APIs) and integrating numerous databases.

The real estate market is volatile and ever-changing, which has forced realtors to leverage data analytics to make better investment selections and boost their ROI. By integrating indicators such as market cycle risks, desirability analytics, and price forecasts into proptech, realtors can exactly determine when and where to invest, as well as the price of properties.

To assist enterprises in finding accomplished solution providers, we have compiled this edition of PropTech Outlook. This edition lists the top 10 real estate analytics solution providers in 2021 to highlight the organizations that can increase your growth chances. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these solution providers are set to transform the power electronics landscape. This edition also blends through the thought leadership from subject-matter experts, CIOs and CXOs, with real-life stories on how the solution providers have enhanced their clients' capabilities. We hope this issue of PropTech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster a workspace driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Semiconductor Review's "Top 10 Real Estate Analytics Solution Providers - 2021."

    Top Real Estate Analytics Solution Companies

  • AIC Capital offers a research-based, data-driven alternative investment platform to high net worth individuals, institutional investors, and family offices


  • Pactriglo is a powerful real estate intelligence platform that accelerates real estate development and increases the certainty of real estate investment


  • Voxtur offers advanced data analytics for real estate taxation, property valuation, and loan settlement services to lenders and mortgage financers. With proprietary software and targeted data analysis, Voxtur provides visibility and efficiency throughout the lending process. With a keen understanding of the lending lifecycle, deep subject matter expertise, and state-of-the-art tax, title, and valuation platforms, the Voxtur deploys its data-driven methodologies to authenticate property characteristics and drive efficiency. Voxtur’s proprietary technology platforms combines SaaS and DaaS solutions to provide a flexible and intuitive front-end graphical user interface (GUI), and leverages AI and machine learning to route optimized workflows


  • Yardi Matrix offers the industry’s most comprehensive market intelligence tool for investment professionals, equity investors, lenders, and property managers who underwrite and manage investments in multifamily, single family in build-to-rent communities, student housing, self-storage, industrial and office property types. The company provides free nationwide market and institutional research reports that leverage property-level details of for all the property types it covers.. It uses the data in the Yardi property management system stack to create aggregated and anonymized operating expense, revenue, and operational metric data that improves underwriting analysis and competitive benchmarking. Beyond acquisition and underwriting, the insights provided by Yardi Matrix can also be leveraged for brokerage, loan origination, portfolio management and reassessment, and even property development




    Beekin is an AI-powered SaaS platform for real estate investors that enables businesses to use massive amounts of data to make better decisions. Big data and AI platform that enables investors to harness massive amounts of data via workflow-embedded analytics. Beekin combines data science with a deep understanding of real estate and is backed by a team of AI PhDs, urban economists, and ex-CRE investors

  • CoStar Realty Information

    CoStar Realty Information

    CoStar provides its clients with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in all aspects of their business across all asset classes. As the largest commercial real estate information and analytics provider, the company takes pride in providing industry professionals with the most concise data so they can make confident decisions. That is the power that comes with understanding. The company's streamlined platform CoStar Real Estate Manager® combines cloud-based software, professional services, and industry-leading market information



    ATTOM provides premium property data to power products that improve transparency, efficiency, innovation, and disruption in a data-driven economy. ATTOM collects property tax, deed, mortgage, foreclosure, environmental risk, natural hazard, and neighborhood data for over 155 million residential and commercial properties in the US, covering 99 percent of the population. A rigorous data management process involving more than 20 steps validates, standardizes, and improves the real estate data collected by ATTOM, assigning a persistent, unique ID — the ATTOM ID — to each property record

  • HqO


    HqO is a tenant experience platform that assists landlords in creating places that people want to live. It gives tenants access to new experiences, onsite retail and services, and a sense of community. HqO, which was founded in Boston in January 2018, works with landlords, property managers, and brokers who want to attract innovative tenants, provide a premium experience, and greatly increase asset value

  • Orbital Insight

    Orbital Insight

    Orbital Insight is a geospatial analytics firm that is used by data-driven organizations that need to understand how the physical world is changing. Our SaaS technology reveals hidden infrastructure, supply chain, socioeconomic, and geopolitical trends anywhere and at any time. The GO platform of Orbital Insights enables bespoke analysis of new sites, existing properties, and broader geographic regions to validate intelligence and make better decisions about your properties

  • Verisk


    Verisk is a leading provider of data analytics to customers in the insurance, real estate, energy and specialized markets, and financial services industries. Verisk provides tools to help you make better real estate decisions by providing near-instant property data, repair estimates, aerial imagery and characteristics, and warranty and quality control management. Verisk is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey, and has over 115 offices in 33 countries. Every day, its nearly 9,000-person team assists customers in making critical risk decisions with greater precision, efficiency, and discipline